Moving America Forward: Health, Safety, and Economic Benefits of Multimodal Transportation Systems

September 12, 2022
Man next to bicycle in front of a train

Key Takeaways:


FEDERAL FUNDING THROUGH THE INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT AND JOBS ACT (IIJA) provides an opportunity to modernize and enhance America’s transportation systems while simultaneously making substantial improvements to public health, community safety, and economic resilience.


A FRESH APPROACH TO TRANSPORTATION DESIGN is an important opportunity to help achieve national targets for greenhouse gas emissions reductions, as the transportation sector is the largest source of these emissions in the U.S.


IN DENSE URBAN AREAS, CLEAN MULTIMODAL SYSTEMS should prioritize biking, walking, and mass transit, and rural areas will primarily be best served with EV use, safe street design to prevent traffic collisions, and on-demand shuttles for non-drivers.